Meredith King


My name is Meredith King, and I'm so glad you're here! There's a "right way" to do a professional bio, and you'll find that version here.

But, if you are looking for a snapshot of the everyday me, hang out here for another minute or two.

This blog is simply a front-lines view of my journey of faith, leadership, and real life.

Faith. I love Jesus and wholeheartedly believe following Him is simple. Not easy. But simple. I'm deeply passionate about studying and teaching the Bible, and my most precious time with the Lord starts early in the morning before the house wakes. Coffee + Bible + Cute Journal + An Uninterrupted Hour = My Happy Place. In my dream world, every day starts that way, but who lives in a dream world? Children, email, work, or social media sometimes steal that hour (how's that for honest confession?). Most recently, I finished The Quest by Beth Moore. Wow. I highly recommend it.


Leadership. Let's be real, most of us feel like kids posing as adults, sitting at desks representing responsibility we are absolutely unqualified for. My entrepreneurial and visionary spirit led me to leave a corporate dream job 10 years ago to start a nonprofit organization (in the middle of a recession - completely logical, I know). These years have been both ridiculously hard and incredibly beautiful. Though I'm no longer tied-in with the day-to-day operations, I serve as the Founder & Vision Ambassador for True To Life Ministries, where a fearless, passionate tribe (22 staff + hundreds of volunteers) daily go toe-to-toe with dark, devastating circumstances like poverty, abuse, and homelessness. I'm also privileged to serve as the Executive Director of Integrus Leadership - an organization committed to equipping and encouraging ministry leaders on the front lines of advancing the Kingdom. The best part is having a front-row seat to God’s global work! I'm a calendar fanatic - if it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist. I'm a huge Evernote fan, and I'm pretty sure my purchase history of sticky notes has kept Post-It in business. Reading and learning land high on my priority list, so my goal is to read at least one book a month, and I weekly carve out a little time for podcasts and blogs. While each new season of leadership exposes just how much I still need to learn, I've realized this journey isn't about perfection. It's about calling out the best in others. That's what builds a legacy. That's what causes impact to multiply. So, sign me up for that!

Life. I married my high school sweetheart, and after 12 years of marriage, we've created a whole life, including two precious, energetic girls, ridiculous schedules, a real backyard, and a whole lot of coffee (I honestly cannot express just how much coffee there is). I absolutely shed a few tears when Downton Abbey ended (I’m counting down the days to the movie premiere), and I have a *slight* obsession with Madam Secretary. My childhood ambitions included a strange, unrelated combination of becoming an archeologist and working in the White House. The archeologist dream died when I realized it required so much digging in the dirt. A typical day in my life starts at 4:55am and includes everything from impromptu kitchen dance parties and playing dress-up, to board meetings, speaking engagements, and sitting in front of my computer on what sometimes feels like endless Zoom calls. My social life pretty much disappeared when our children arrived on the scene, but I get a pedicure one Friday a month, usually with one of my dearest friends. That's always a good day. 

Last year, I wrote a book (IMMOVABLE: Reflections to Build your Life and Leadership on Solid Ground). If you are looking for expert advice from someone who has it all figured out, this book is NOT for you. But, if you looking for some encouragement from a friend - from someone who is in the trenches right along with you - it IS for you. I wrote this book because our world is in a perpetual identity crisis, but we don’t have to be. WE can build our lives and leadership on what is steadfast and true. Because JESUS is IMMOVABLE, we can be too.

One thing I know for sure: every moment of this journey is better shared.


Meredith is available for speaking engagements both large and small.