Gratitude + GIVEAWAY 2018


You are most certainly aware Thanksgiving is three days away. I haven’t done my final grocery shopping trip yet (heaven help me), but I’m already feeling all-sorts-of grateful for HEB Curbside! My daughters have been asking to decorate for Christmas for months now, so our tree will make its way into the living room any day now. Just in case you didn’t feel pressure to deck your halls just yet: Turkey Day, and then 31 days until Christmas Eve. THIRTY ONE. 

You’re welcome. 

For the last few years, hundreds of you have joined me for a daily gratitude challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we are continuing the tradition this year. Together, we are putting a stake in the ground, a declaration of sorts, to fix our hearts and minds on what is true and right instead of all the chaos that can consume us. It’s easy for everything to be so nice and sparkly on the outside, while we become hurried and grumpy on the inside. 

Let’s say yes to more gratitude and no to grumpiness! 

Let’s reclaim our holidays with a little gratitude. Are you with me?

Join me for 31 Days of Gratitude:

Step 1: Grab the Gratitude Challenge images below - (right-click to save) there’s one for social media posts and one that’s perfect to use as a screen saver on your phone or to use on Instagram Stories. Need paper, I’ve got you covered: here’s last year’s printable sheet for you to put somewhere handy (i.e. on your refrigerator or with your Bible). Use the guide as a journal prompt, a prayer guide, and social media guide (social media could use a little more positivity, don’t you think?). You can even grab photos to go with your daily posts - be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram and use #IMMOVABLEBOOK so I can follow along your Gratitude journey! All the fun starts November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving).

Step 2: Share this opportunity with 3 people! Like right now. Copy and paste the link to this blog post and shoot 3 people a text or email, asking them to join you! Get your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you can think of on board. Don’t you think we ALL Would benefit from a little more gratitude? 

You could win both of these! (Left - Becky Kiser, author of Sacred Holidays.)

You could win both of these! (Left - Becky Kiser, author of Sacred Holidays.)

Step 3: WIN PRIZES! To kick us off, Friday, November, 24, I’m going to give away one of my new favorite books by Becky Kiser, Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus - you will LOVE it! PLUS you’ll receive a copy of my book! Between now and November 23, find me on social media (see the links at the very bottom of this page) and enter to win some awesome prizes by: 1) Following me; 2) Tagging friends in the Gratitude Challenge Post comments (more tags = more entries); and 3) Sharing the Gratitude Challenge posts (yes…if you share on Facebook and Instagram…that’s 2 entries)! As the Gratitude Challenge gets underway, post what you are thankful for, tag me and use #immovablebook. I will draw a few more winners to receive coffee on me (from Starbucks) and some other fun goodies!

In case you are wondering, why gratitude? Why add one more thing to the to-do list when there’s already so much? Well, practicing an attitude of gratitude does 3 things:

  1. Reminds us there is a “Giver.” When we are thankful, it’s because we recognize we’ve received something. James 1:17 is pretty clear about where every good gift comes from. It helps us remember we aren’t alone and haven’t been forgotten.

  2. Makes normal days meaningful. Noticing even the smallest blessings can turn the mundane to meaningful. Our toddler's uninhibited laughter. A crackling fire. Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. A friend that’s always there. Quiet moments to read. The privilege of a power nap. 

  3. Reframes difficulties as opportunities. Gratitude moves us to appreciate difficult days, not because they were difficult, but because God is powerful enough to bring purpose and beauty from our darkest and most difficult days. It’s part of His character as our Redeemer. No difficulty is too small either. From minor frustrations to tragedy - He’s in it with us.

Studies show people who practice gratitude sleep better, have higher self-esteem, are healthier, have more empathy, don’t get angry as easily, and have more meaningful relationships. Convinced? I can’t think of a good reason not to do this challenge.

For 31 days: We will write one thing we are grateful for (no repeats), read scripture to focus our minds on the truth of who God is, and note why that scripture is meaningful to us. It’s that simple. If you get a day behind, catch up! This isn’t about perfection. It’s about cultivating gratitude. 

I want to hear your thoughts - please comment below! Who are you sharing The Gratitude Challenge with? Why did you decide to jump on board?