3 Reasons Grad School Would Have Been Easier Than Blogging

When I set out to determine where to invest the precious, small margin of time in my daily schedule, I considered two options: blogging or grad school. I chose blogging, but I think grad school might have been easier.

Some people may think that's crazy talk, but I'm telling you it's true, and here's why:

  1. The work is prescribed. I know how to live within the boundaries of being told what to read and what to write about. Blogging is so open-ended, so full of possibilities. While I claim to love freedom of self-expression, the freedom is almost paralyzing! "They" (the blogging gurus) say successful bloggers pick a focus and stick to it. I'm sure I will figure that out eventually.
  2. Deadlines are set. A well-outlined syllabus brings me great joy. I receive tremendous, nerdy satisfaction from putting all the assignments and deadlines in my calendar, and to top it off, there's built-in accountability for delivering on the deadlines - it's called a grade. Blogging, at least for me, is a self-driven process. No one will dish out an F for not posting consistently or for writing boring content. Because I've become a master at negotiating extensions with myself, self-imposed deadlines aren't always very effective.
  3. I'm confident in my ability to learn. While school is challenging, I have a history of success there (excluding my freshman year of course - a post for another day). I know how to "do" school. This website has been ready to go since last October. Here's a reality check on my level of procrastination: A friend of mine is giving birth this morning. Really. She's on her way to the hospital right now. In the time I spent wrestling with fear and self-doubt concerning launching a blog, she grew a human.

But here we are. Launch day has finally arrived. As irony would have it, my GRE study materials are on the shelf next to me as I type, collecting dust, patiently waiting their turn. Maybe pushing "publish" took so long because I was waiting to feel prepared or qualified. Or maybe I was waiting to craft the perfect inaugural post.

Well my friends, done is better than perfect!

Question: Has fear or intimidation ever kept you from pursuing a dream? How did you get moving?