Guest Post: 5 Beauty MUSTS to Leave to the Professionals

It's a tremendous joy to introduce you to my dear friend Jennifer Culverhouse. Jennifer is one of those secretly amazing people: a successful entrepreneur, one of the best leaders I know, and she's dedicated her life to investing in others. She and her husband started Urban Eve more than a decade ago, and they also lead a nonprofit organization called FreeRoots that provides vocational training to those impacted by human trafficking. Plus she's a working mom of three amazing children! You can (and should) follow her on Instagram @micahbleubeth and @Jennifer_urbanevelakejackson. I invited her to give us a quick education on where our beauty budget should really go - especially as busy women who are on a budget (o.k., I'M on a budget...let's be honest). Here's what she had to say!

If you are anywhere around a smartphone of computer these days, you know there are TONS of “Do it yourself” tutorials, YouTube videos, and step by step beauty posts out there! It’s amazing all of the information out there that is at our fingertips….we can easily search out the latest trends, “what not to wear”, and you can even take a quiz to discover what “Disney Princess” you would be… know, all the important things ;)

While all this information is fabulous, there are some MAJOR things that should be left to the professionals. Some things are just better left in their hands to save you money, “oops gotta let that grow out” experiences, and MAJOR “OMG it didn’t turn out like this in the video” moments.

So, being a super honest professional myself….I thought I would give you my TOP 5 beauty experiences that should be entrusted to us.

1. Brows. 

Y'all. They are such a THING right now. Have you heard the term, “Brows on fleek?” Well, if you are over the age of 15 please don’t use this phrase (will definitely cause eye rolls and snickers with your teens if you choose to), but, it means, "Your brows look amazing and I wish mine looked like that.” It’s a major sign of a fist bump in the brow world. 

Your brows are the frame to your eyes. It makes ALL the difference in the world no matter what age you are! The shape truly matters a whole lots based on your face shape…like a whole lot. So, put down the tweezers and please don’t buy your own waxing kit because it could go south real fast and those suckers don’t grow out quick!

I highly recommend a “brow expert" - someone who deals in the “art” of BROWS. We have one at UrbanEve and she cares, consults and takes her brow guests super serious. The wax must be a professional grade “cold” wax to minimize redness. A full consultation to discuss your brow goals and to access your brow shape. Then a true BROW professional will show you all the tricks of the trade to fill in those brows to make them look super natural, but will take your overall look to a level you didn’t even know was possible!

2. Hair Color. 

Can it be done successfully at home? Yes - for the VERY select FEW who want almost zero change, have used the same box for 45 years, and just want to cover a couple of grays. For the rest of us, please, please consult a professional. Back in the day before I was a hairstylist, I had zero money, but loved taking risks with my hair. I totally ended up spending hundreds to get it fixed in a salon because of my “whoopsie” moments at home when I took the towel off. I can finally laugh now! But it took a minute.

I know we all have seen the commercials that claim, “Do your highlights at home! Super easy!” I promise y'all, it doesn’t turn out like the lady in the commercial and it could even go so bad as to resemble more of a cheetah cheeto than gorgeous “balayage.” Ive seen it, and it aint pretty!

My advice if you are on a beauty budget, but truly want some fabulous hair color: set up a complimentary consult with a stylist who your friends recommend. Line out for them your beauty budget, hair goals, and maintenance expectations. I promise a super amazing stylist will give you options no matter what your budget and you will walk out of there feeling like a Pantene commercial. You will love your life, feel SO selfie worthy, and that stylist will become your new bestie/beauty guru. It’s WORTH it - skip the drugstore color.

3. Choosing Makeup. 

It’s super important to find the RIGHT shade for your skin tone and eyeshadow for your lifestyle. Take time to get help choosing the trends that you MUST do and NOT do. That help is not easily found on the aisle of the drug store. Plus, I find when you just “pick” something off the aisle that you cannot “try before you buy,” it ends up getting shoved in the makeup drawer to never be worn again. Not to mention - no one wants to wear foundation that screams “BASE face” or “Hello, I’m not ill…my foundation is just too light” just because they don’t want to waste the money spent on it.

Trust the professionals. There are so many places that will do a full makeup tutorial, shade match your perfect foundation, and truly be honest with what trends you should steer clear of based on being age appropriate. At UrbanEve we LOVE to give a full lesson and go step by step to see what works for you and your lifestyle….PLUS, you get the luxury of a professional and the ability to “try before you BUY!”

4. Bangs.

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Don’t do it. Don’t watch the youtube video, don’t get wild hair and decide you want bangs at midnight - trust me on this one!

Bangs are so specific to faceshape/forehead, lifestyle, hair texture, cowlicks, and maintenance. All of these thing which should be discussed in depth with your stylist. They will be your truth teller and give you styling tips when you are over it and ready to grow those suckers back out ;)

5. Hair Products. 

This is another beauty item that may feel like a splurge, but is totally worth it to purchase from a professional. The reality is, not all products are created equal. Lots of the drugstore brands smell super nice, but there are LOTS of non-beneficial fillers in those products that can build up, dull shine and weigh hair down over time. 

The professional brands (my FAVS are Redken and Pureology) have LOTS of key ingredients that are geared so specific to individual hair types and are SO yummy for your hair. Plus, your stylist totally knows your hair and what it truly needs to achieve your hair goals, so, totally trust them to make specific recommendations and build a “prescription” for your at home products to make it easier for you to create that “in salon” look at home!

-  Jennifer Culverhouse

Jennifer Culverhouse

Those are the BIGGIES y'all. I hope this was helpful and I absolutely LOVE all things beauty for ALL ages. I truly believe beauty is from the inside out…and every woman should feel FABULOUS and beautiful. 

Keep shining,

Jennifer Culverhouse

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