IMMOVABLE Launch Team - You can be on it!

So much of life is sweeter if it's shared. Don't you agree?

A few weeks ago, more than 80 friends gathered to celebrate the release of IMMOVABLE: Reflections to build your life and leadership on solid ground. This 30,000-ish word book has consumed so much time and attention this last year. There've been tears and laughter, frustration, and pure joy. A lot of late nights and early mornings. But finally. It's finished.

(Or as finished as it's going to be. At some point you just have to call it done.)

Being the center of attention is incredibly uncomfortable to me. I love celebrating other people, but when my friend Jennifer informed me she was going to plan a party to celebrate IMMOVABLE, my heart kinda skipped a beat and I felt the breathe leave my chest. Eventually, I came around because this is indeed worth celebrating...together...with friends. After all, this collection of stories and reflections isn't just for me. They are meant to be shared (with actual people). It's not just my story - it's God's story and your story and the story of where He is leading us next.

I'll never forget driving home after the party. My heart was on cloud nine! So full of gratitude. So humbled by friends and family who gathered to celebrate this milestone. 

Friends, the party is just getting started, and I'd love for you to come along!

There's a Launch Team and you can be on it!

I'm looking for some fun, enthusiastic friends to help spread the word via social media, email, and everyday conversations! All the fun will start Monday (May 21). Launch team members will receive:

  1. The first 2 chapters of IMMOVABLE
  2. Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group, where we will do live chats, talk about the book, and more
  3. A chance to win a launch team kit (with a signed book and other fun goodies!)
  4. An invitation to a special get-together for the launch team (there will be coffee, great conversation, and probably cupcakes!)
  5. And other fun surprises!

Interested? Here's the application (it's more of a way to capture all your info than a real application). 

I hope you will say YES! (No pressure...well...maybe just a little pressure...but not too much!)

Are you in?

For fun, here are a few photos from the parties my friends hosted to celebrate IMMOVABLE!