Read with me! (Prizes, Interviews & More!)

Have you ever read a book (aside from the Bible) that changed your life? A few years ago, someone recommended Bob Goff’s Love Does. I read it over a weekend because I simply could not put it down. This amazing collection of stories articulates the movement of God’s love toward us and through in a way that moves you - not only to tears and laughter, but to action.

It’s my favorite book. Hands down.

From taking his children on a world tour to meet with national leaders over ice cream, to unexpectedly becoming the Ugandan consul (complete with diplomatic immunity and tiny little flags to put on his car), every chapter is full of whimsy and the kind of love and life we all crave - a love that doesn’t just think or feel - a love that does.

I’ve read Love Does at least 10 times. In fact, it’s now required reading for every person who joins our staff at True To Life Ministries. I had the joy of meeting Bob Goff in 2015, and he is coming back to our little town of Lake Jackson, Texas as the keynote speaker for TTLM’s Hope Event in October (and YES - you can come too!). Bob is the real deal. As we’ve kept in touch, I’m continually inspired and challenged by his availability and overflowing joy. He is one of those secretly incredible people: a New York Time best selling author, a highly respected diplomat, the founder of an incredible nonprofit who fights daily for justice in countries where it’s hard to find, and a husband and father who is absolutely wild about his family.

I’m about to read Love Does again, but this time, I want YOU to read it with me!

There’s an exclusive Facebook Group for real-time discussion and interaction, interviews with some really fun friends (can’t wait for you to meet them via video), some really fun surprises, and prizes. Did I mention there are PRIZES? Because there are prizes.

All the fun starts May 15! So here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign-up here to read with me! A link to the exclusive Facebook Group will follow (this is where all the fun will happen).
  • Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to join us!
  • Buy the book! (Amazon Prime will get it to you quick!)
  • Follow me on Instagram (@meredith_a_king), tag some friends, and have a chance at winning your very own copies of Love Does AND Love Lives Here (a new book by Bob’s wife, Maria)!

Friends, whether you consider yourself to be a reader or not, please read Love Does with me. You will be so glad you did! This whole thing won't drag on forever - it's just three weeks, and a worthy investment of your time and energy.

Here's to more whimsy!

See you in the Facebook Group on May 15th!

Me with Bob Goff (NYT Bestselling Author of Love Does) and Flip Flippen (NYT Bestselling Author of The Flip Side) at TTLM's 2015 Hope Event.

Me with Bob Goff (NYT Bestselling Author of Love Does) and Flip Flippen (NYT Bestselling Author of The Flip Side) at TTLM's 2015 Hope Event.