Published Article!

In late December, I scribbled down some goals for 2017. One was simply to have a blog post published on someone else's blog. That exact thing happened a few weeks ago!

Feel free to click the image above to see for yourself! And while you are there, please "like" it, share it, and/or leave a comment! I will be contributing regularly to this site, and I will keep you posted on new articles as they are published! 

I was at work when I got the news. It's REALLY hard to maintain composure in serious meetings when your insides are jumping up and down! I don't know about you, but accomplishing a goal (especially one that is written) deserves some celebration. I notified David he would be taking me out for dinner, and my sweet friend Michelle agreed to join us. Dinner out on a Tuesday? Why not?!

Here's to more dinner. More articles. More accomplished goals. 

Thanks for celebrating with me!