The Real Truth About Writing a Book: "Perfect" Never Comes

“Meredith, where have the new blog posts been?”

Well, that’s a good question. 

About a year ago, I considered two ideas that had been swirling around my heart and mind quite some time: grad school and writing a book. When it came down to it, doing both simultaneously was just out of the question. As a wife, mom of two, and an executive, there was just no way I could sign up for that much crazy. 

The book won.

Writing a book has been a life-long dream, and I kept waiting for everything to be perfect: perfect words. Perfect concept. Perfect platform. Perfect timing. But as we all know: “perfect” doesn’t exist.

As I recounted all the reasons I wasn’t ready to write a book, David asked me a very important question: “What book could you start writing today?” Without skipping a beat, I answered him with a real answer - an actual book concept. He nonchalantly responded with, “Great! Go write that book. Write all the others you can’t figure out yet later.”


Mic drop.

 (Honestly, there’s a pattern of David’s simple yet profound questions preceding major life change or milestones…but I think that’s probably a post for another day.)

And just like that…the book was written. 

NOT. (Did I fool you? Even for just one second?)

We took a little time to count the cost because writing is actually quite time consuming, and then there’s the actual publishing process, which is a whole other thing all on its own. All the while, I had a marriage to nurture, kids who actually needed baths and food, and a job that needed a lot of attention. Bottom line? You can’t do 99 things at once. You can do a few at best.

In order to start writing a book, I had to stop doing a whole lot of other things.

A lot of really good, important things went on hold for the better part of a year: hosting a small group, extra volunteer opportunities, Saturday shopping trips with friends, most social activities, and (as you can tell) blogging weekly. I didn’t start this blog to build a platform or to publish canned stuff that I didn’t care about. I started it to practice writing, to share things that move me in hopes they might move you too…or at the very least, to share things that are practically helpful or good for a laugh. But I couldn’t finish the book and keep up with the blog like I wanted to. So I gave myself permission to just take a breather from blogging in order to create space for the book.

It’s easy to romanticize writing a book - as if the desk and keyboard are covered in magic fairy dust and the words practically write themselves while you sip coffee from a cute Anthropologie mug. I never had a day quite like that, but some days were pretty sweet - stories made me smile and words came easily. There were days spent in coffee shops or in our home office that felt almost magical - where I could feel what I was writing and couldn’t get the words out fast enough. Then there were many more days I’d spend hours in pajamas with no makeup, my second (or third) day hair in a messy ponytail, and stinky breath only to write a few thousand words and then cut them from the book completely. Nothing was worse than emerging from the upstairs office after hours of writing to admit to my family I had nothing to show for it. (Enter big time mom guilt!) Sometimes writing feels a lot like work. It’s overwhelming and glorious and frustrating and beautiful. Sometimes it feels so vulnerable it makes you cry (which totally took me of guard, by the way). And sometimes it feels like we will never watch Netflix again.

But here we are. A year later.

Do you have an archive of perfectly curated weekly blog posts to browse from the last 12 months? No. But you can read IMMOVABLE because it’s done and we can hold it in our hands. I feel like my heart is poured out on those pages, and I daily implore the Lord to use those imperfect words to move us all toward Him. 

And, somehow He is.

Teams are reading it to grow closer to Jesus as they grow closer to one another. Small groups are reading it. Handfuls of friends are gathering around kitchen tables or coffee shops to read it. And many, many men and women are reading on their own. I love receiving the emails, texts, and direct messages from people all over the country who are finding truth and next steps, who are finding freedom and confirmation, and who are finding solid footing for their lives and leadership in Truth that never expires.

I invite you to read it. In fact, I will give you the introduction and first chapter for FREE. Friend, as you read, I hope you feel like we are sitting together over coffee, because I wish I could do that with every single one of you.

I want to hear your thoughts - comment below! What about you? What are you waiting to start?

Perfect isn’t going to come, but action can happen today. TODAY. Figure out some stuff to STOP so you can START.