Super-Easy Monday Morning Prayer Guide

I’m an early riser. I always have been. I envied my super-cool night owl friends for a long time - I tried desperately to become one - but it just didn’t work for me. I’ve learned to embrace my soul’s need to wake up early while the house is still and quiet. I need time to drink coffee and sit somewhere cozy before the chaos of backpacks and lunchboxes and email and Zoom calls starts.

But, without a plan and a dose of intentionality, those sacred moments slip through my fingers as I scroll mindlessly through Instagram and Facebook. I may emerge from the couch caffeinated, but social media does nothing to fuel my mind and heart for the week to come.


Call me cheesy, but I kinda think Mondays are special: not only is the day new, but the whole week is new. It doesn’t take much to realize each of the 168 hours are overflowing with potential and opportunity; even the mundane can be full of purpose when surrendered.

Y’all, God is at work in every meeting, in every conversation, and even in the dance studio lobby and grocery store line. Our God is busy reconciling the world around us to Himself, and I want in on THAT. I want to lean-in. I want to be dialed-in. I want my heart and mind to be alert and postured in humility and readiness. Instead of being stressed, distracted, or in a hurry, I want to be present for God-moments and sensitive to the needs of people I interact with.

So, on the best of my Mondays, I start with a simple prayer guide: my calendar.

I’m serious.

Maybe this doesn’t sound spiritual enough or fancy enough to be meaningful, but it’s transformative for me. It might be for you too.

Here’s the easy process:

  1. Open the calendar for a quick review. My calendar - both professional and personal - is electronic. I open it on my computer or phone quickly to glance over each day to get the scope of the week in mind.

  2. Thank and praise God for the new week. These days, hours, and minutes are a gift. Thank Him! Praise Him for His goodness in inviting you to be part of HIS greater story!

    We are Christ’s Ambassadors, entrusted with the ministry and message of reconciliation (God reconciling the world to Himself). 1 Cor. 5:11-21

  3. Tell Him what you need. Do you need wisdom or discernment as you make specific decisions? Do you need understanding as you tackle a big project? What about courage as you face something difficult, or patience, or joy, or energy, or provision, or ________ ? Our God has everything we need. Everything.

    We are invited to pour out our hearts to God. Nothing is too big or too small. Psalm 62:8

  4. Pray for the people you will interact with. Consider who you will be sitting with in meetings, who you will bump into at various appointments, and who you might encounter during your errands. Pray for them like you would want someone praying for you. Sometimes I run out of time before I make it to every person represented on my calendar, but I don’t stress about that. I just pick up where I left off on Tuesday.

    For those who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus yet, pray for their salvation. Ask God to open a door for the Gospel, and ask for His help in proclaiming the Gospel when the door opens. Colossians 4:3-4.

I’m often asked, “I want to pray more, but where to I start?” or “My prayer life feels stale, how can I breathe life into it?" If you can relate, this is a great next step. If you already missed Monday, don’t let that stop you! This works any day of the week at any time! And, if you are in a season where you just feel like prayer is boring, you aren’t alone. This resource might be helpful to you.

I hate to admit it, but I can sure tell a difference in my attitude and my perspective when I start my week this way.

I want you to join the conversation by commenting below! Are you willing to give this a try with me? What about just starting with the next 4 Mondays?  Any other tips for starting our week with purpose - please share!

ps. More conversation will happen over on Instagram this week! If we aren’t connected there I’m easy to find: @meredith_a_king !