A Tea Party, Magazine Article, and 15 Random Things

A magazine article and photo shoot are really just great reasons to play dress up and drink tea! When Brazos Monthly Magazine decided to do a piece on 15 things people may not know about me, it became a really fun family affair!

Sitting down to visit with the Editor of Brazos Living was so fun! Coming up with this little list of 15 things was harder than you might think, but it truly captures so much of my current favorites. I'm not entirely sure why I was selected for this piece, but let me tell you, all I had to do was say "tea party" and "photo shoot" and Abigail was all in! Ella just was happy there was food! While Abigail struck pose after pose after pose (The child was born to entertain!), Ella just stuffed her face as fast as she could - it takes a lot to fuel that 18-month old body!

In case you are interested in some of my favorites mentioned in the article, I thought these links might be helpful:

Favorite Books

Favorite Podcasts & Blogs: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey; At Home by Joanna Gaines; Michael Hyatt's Blog and Podcast; Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership Blog and Podcast.

Favorite Houston Eatery for amazing chocolate chip cookies and perfect lattes: Tiny Boxwoods

Lipstick Splurge (a very rare occasion, but worth saving my pennies for!): Edward Bess Lipstick