What I'm Loving This Summer

I’ve learned to really appreciate summer. Technically, Abigail is the only one enjoying a summer “break,” but for some reason it feels like a break for all. Even though most of my summer life looks exactly like the rest of my life, something about it just makes me smile. 

Maybe it’s finally learning to cut watermelon like a real adult. (We KNOW it’s not the weather - because 100 degree heat. And all my south Texas people said, “AMEN.”)

Generally speaking, simple things make the days special. 

Here are 3 things I’m absolutely loving this summer.

Just maybe you’ll love them too!

Photo Cred: guiltlesssuperfoods.com

Photo Cred: guiltlesssuperfoods.com

Skinny Donuts. Thyroid Disease is my nemesis. We go waaaaayyyy back. In the last few years, it’s really tried to take me down, so at the recommendation of my doctor, I agreed to cut wheat and most other grains out of my life. Goodbye cupcakes and hello Skinny Donuts. They are made from ingredients I can pronounce and I don’t feel crummy after eating them. When I NEED a donut, they totally do the trick. I’m not an affiliate of any type - just a girl who likes her donuts. 

Nothing To Prove. Just finished this little jewel of a book by Jennie Allen. Chapter 7 is my favorite, and is therefore covered in underlining and margin notes. If you’ve ever felt life was too heavy, or if you’ve believed you’ll never be enough, this book is for you. If it’s not for you, get it for someone you know because I promise it’s for them.

Summer Challenge Girls Bible Study. True To Life Ministries hosts a 6-week program for high school students every summer. It’s part internship, part summer camp, and part job training. It’s seriously amazing. There are usually between 16 and 20 students, and most are facing some major life challenges. In the early days, I was intimately involved, but now we have a whole team dedicated to it and I’m really not needed. But out the the goodness of their hearts, they still let me participate. Usually, I just teach a few one-off classes, but this year, I’m privileged to facilitate the girls Bible Study. No, I'm not a "teenager person." Yes, they know I'm a complete nerd. But availability is more important than either of those things. 8 of us gathered in a circle for the first time last week and talked about this simple truth: your life isn’t an accident. As we turned to Psalm 139 and Ephesians 2:10, several of our young ladies opened a Bible for the very first time. The conversation was sweet, honest, vulnerable, and a little hard at times, because brokenness is hard. At the end, their reflections brought tears to my eyes: 

“I never knew the Bible actually applied to my life.” 

“Now I know my story matters.” 

“I’m not alone.”

YES. I so want these truths to sink down deep into their souls. 

When was the last time you sat with someone as they opened a Bible for the first time? There’s nothing like it.

If you’re looking for ways to make this summer special, move toward someone who doesn’t know Christ yet. Open your living room, invite them to your table, or grab coffee. Create an opportunity for conversation and share your stories. Not sure where to start? I had some help for last week’s convo. I borrowed some thoughts from the first part of Mike Foster’s Wonder Life book. It’s a really neat workbook - great for personal use or a small group experience (the videos are free). I can’t recommend this tool enough. It’s a must-do. 

Here’s to a great summer!

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